Garage Door Spring Repair Chicago

Garage Door Spring repair Chicago


When was the last time your had garage door spring repair Chicago? Springs can last for about ten or twelve years. If you don’t use your door as much , you have a bit longer. Springs contain a very high tension and should never be repaired or adjusted without the proper experience, knowledge or tools. Don’t try to fix it by yourself, just trust and call professionals from Chicago or near areas.

How to balance the garage door?

Garage door springs help to balance the garage door. They allow the door to easily open and close manually or with the assistance of an opener. Continued use of a broken spring can cause serious damage to the entire garage door system.

This can result in costly repairs. Avoid this by simply having a trained professional replace the spring for you. Broken garage door springs are the most common garage door problem. An expert from Chicago can repair or replace your spring on the spot. Schedule a visit today.

Don’t do it by yourself!

Some people may think that spending weekend fixing the Garage Door Spring in Chicago is a cool thing, but there are some stumbling blocks out there.

There are hundres of different types of doors. They all have different weight based on size, material, and other door accessories that make it hard to know the spring size you need. It is not safe nor will save you any money or time. Think about the risk of getting hit by the torque power from one of your springs.

Get your garage door spring repair Chicago

when your door fails to open call an expert to get your garage door spring repair Chicago by a trusted company. They will come and do it the same day. Most garage door companies in Chicago have the springs with them to fix right away.

Since we are more than 20 years in a business, we collected a huge experience and know all the trick and tips. Also you have to remember that fixing garage door springs can be very dangerous and harmful.

Many homeowners do not have the money to replace their old spring and DIY. We do not think its worth putting your self in danger just to save a little bit of money. You can get seriously hurt. Remember that replacing your garage door spring is extremely dangerous and you should call an expert to do it for you.

Types of Springs

There are two types, torsion and extension. Extensions system is an older method. They pull your door from each side as the spring stretches and contracts. Torsion uses torque force to lift the weight of your door.

Get your garage door spring repair in Chicago the easy and safe way.