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Garage Door Repair Cables Chicago

Cable garage door repair in Chicago. Do you need professional cable garage door repair in Chicago? Call the local Chicago garage door company that everyone trust with this type of service.

Garage doors operate using multiple systems and components. While each component is important, the cables help the device operate properly. Read on for signs it’s time to replace your door’s cable. For immediate service in Chicago and surrounding areas, contact your technicians at Victor Garage Door

When Do you Need a Garage Door Cable Repair?

For a garage door with torsion spring and cables, take a look at the picture above. When cable slips off the drum where it wraps, door won’t close properly. Door will come down on one side but the other side will tend to lift. You can apply as much force to close the lifting side but it keeps coming back up.

This is because the spring system is lifting only one cable. The cable that came off the drum no longer has tension between bottom of the door and spring system.

Another way to inspect if you need a garage door repair when cable came off, check form the outside and you may see the cable has come off like in the picture below.

Cable Garage door Repair in Chicago Illinois

Extension cable garage door repair

A garage door repair extension springs. When these springs break, increased energy will be put on the door. This increased energy can cause serious injuries. The force is so powerful that it could cause damage to your vehicle or anything of value in your garage including your self.

This is why safety cables are important. If your door has safety cables, the cables will provide protection when the springs break.

Garage Door Repair Cable Problems

The most visible garage door cable problem is when you try to close your door but the door is clearly slanted. You will probably see a cable or wire wrapped onto the long spring shaft that runs along on top of your garage door.

Garage Door Cable Repair in Chicago

If your door sticks when it is opened or closed, it could be a cable problem. However, to determine if the cables are actually causing the problem, various inspection procedures are needed. Other issues can also cause the garage door to stick, and this is why inspection is important.

The remote control garage door opener can also cause problems with the door cables, so check the batteries and sensors. If the door is used without a remote, inspect the wheel track for any obstructions. The weather can also cause sticking. If these problems do not cause the garage door to stick, the issue could be traced to the cable.

Another common garage door problem is a door that lowers too fast. This problem should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent potential injury while opening or closing the door. Replacement is the only solution to this problem, because a door that lowers too quickly is caused by a broken cable or weak springs.

Seek Professional Garage Door Cable Repair?

To get a garage door repair cable properly you need to call a professional garage door professional since it can be extremely dangerous and troublesome.

Chicago technicians are trained to handle garage door cable replacement projects. Professional service ensures your safety. A malfunctioning door can be dangerous, and if it’s not repaired properly, someone can get injured. We have gathered also a bit more info from Door Power website to help you a bit better:

What do these cable do?

Your garage door’s cables are another important component that helps your door operate smoothly. They act in concert with the torsion springs. You’ll see the cables in cable drums at both ends of the axle on which the springs reside. They run from the roller brackets on the bottom corners of the door to the cable drums.

When you raise a garage door, the springs unwind and the energy (tension) that is stored helps to lift the door. At this time the cables wrap around grooves in the cable drum. When you lower the door, these cables unwind from the cable drum and rewind the springs to their full tension.

Broken cables can put a damper on your day. After all, if your garage door won’t open, your garage becomes a glorified storage shed – with poor access! Because of the danger in working with high-torsion springs and the cables, we recommend that you call a professional garage door repair service instead of undertaking the task by yourself. Avoid the risk and headache by calling the cable garage door repair experts!

If you live in Chicago call Victor Garage Door Repair. For service such as Oak Park Garage Door Repair check out his page.We offer same-day service, great warranties, and the kind of service you remember for years past.

Why call the repair experts

With service like that, you won’t be left out in the cold (or rain, or heat, or anywhere) very long. Professional technicians are industry experts in replacing broken or work garage door cables, and we do so quickly, safely, and responsibly. We’ll get you up and running quickly.

Remember, garage doors are very heavy and can be difficult or impossible to operate when the cables are broken. Don’t leave your door in less than perfect working order. Instead, call the garage door experts to come and repair it. Or, if you’d like, we can install a new garage door, too. Either way, we’ll keep you out of the cold and rain with good access to your garage. 

Trust Door Power to repair your broken garage door cables. With our unmatched warranties, local connection, and expert technicians, you know the job will be done right, the first time.