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Need a garage door repair Chicago? Get help with your garage door most common problems. Most Chicago homeowners don’t even remember when was the last time their door was serviced. This leads to an unexpected garage door repair adventure.


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A good door can last for more than ten years with little to no maintenance. Your door opens for you every time you push the button. Keep you garage door in shape so it can open your door any time you click. When you need the best garage door repair in Chicago north side and southside, keep it simple and call the pros.

Garage Door Spring Repair Chicago victor garage door

Garage door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring repair and replacement as easy as it can be.

Garage Door Opener repair Chicago victor garage door opener

Garage Door Opener Repair

Get repair and new installation on your garage door opener. Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Craftsman and more

Garage Door repair Cost in Chicago Victor garage door

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victor Garage Door Repair Chicago
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Every now and then your garage door will fail. A defective or broken piece might need to be replaced. But how are you supposed to know what needs to be replaced and when?

We will now list some of the common repairs you might expect. Also, how often you should replace. To keep it simple and leave it to proc schedule a repair today.

Chicago Garage Door Repair types

There are many reasons your door won’t work. Luckily you can call the pros for:

Garage door won’t open repair.

When your garage door won’t open, the first thing to look for is a broken spring. A standard door has 2 spring system. They combine their torsion force to lift the weight fo the door. In time one of the break and one is not string enough to lift the door completely.

Call a professional garage door in Chicago to get this problem solved since springs are extremely dangerous to do it yourself.

Garage Door Repair when won’t Close

Check your sensor when your door won’t close. Faulty or misaligned sensors prevent the door from closing.

You can confirm is the safety sensors when the door attempts to close and you hear 10 blinks from the operator.

Clean, align and make sure your garage door sensors’ light are on. One should be green and one amber. The amber light will always be on when wired correctly. Green light goes off when not aligned.

Broken garage door spring Repair in Chicago

Get professional service as soon as you know your spring broke. It is not worth it for you to spend all that time trying to figure out what kind of springs you need, the cost and the danger it involves to replace your spring.

Garage door opener Repair

Old garage door openers are highly problematic. IF your opener is 12 years of age or more, we recommend to replace the entire system. A new opener kit comes with remotes, safety sensors, new bar, new chain, a key pad and wall control.

The price is always reasonable for what you get and the headaches you will save your self. A new opener will last you for another 12 years or so with 0 to very little maintenance.

Cables Repair

When your Garage door cables break or slip on your door, call the experts. This is another type of repair where you want to let the pros handle it. The door seems to close on one side but the other keeps coming back and doesn’t go all the way down completely.


Your garage door in Chicago should be maintained at least once a year. Especially if the door is old and noisy. You can get a bottle of spray lube from your favorite hardware store and do it yourself. Spray lube inside the rollers and hinges where the rub metal on metal.

It won’t hurt if you also hire the experts once a year for a tune up. The cost is not hight and you get a free safety inspection with it. You and your family will sleep in peace when an expert has check your door.

Faulty Safety sensors

Make sure your safety sensors are align and wired correctly. You should see a light on each sensor. One would be amber and one green. When it all is good, you will see both lights on. If the amber light is on and the green off, point the green sensor in the direction of the amber sensor until the light stays solid. Congrats, you fixed your sensors and your garage door will close again.

Commun Garage Door Repairs in Chicago Illinois

Here is a brief list of the most common garage door repair as well as when you should expect them to happen. Use it as a guide to prevent repairs before they actually happen.

victor Garage Door Spring Repair in Chicago
New garage door torsion spring

Roller repairs: 5-7 years
Broken spring repair: 10-12 years
Snapped cable repair: 10-12 years
Garage door torsion springs: 10-12 years
Spring adjustment: 5 years
Garage door extension springs: 10-12 years
Program remotes & keypads: 4-5 years
Opener adjustment: 4-5 years
Opener repair & installations: 10-12 years
Sensors repair: 2-3 years
New openers: 12-20 years
Transmitters/Receivers: 5 years

Local Chicago Garage Door Repair Companies you can Trust

Find a locally owned and operated Chicago garage door repair company that can make this simple for you. They constantly strive to provide the fastest response times, lowest prices, and best extended warranties on all garage door repair services in Chicago.

  • Victor Garage Door
  • House of Doors
  • A-Windy city
  • Roberts Garage
  • Crystal Over head door

They constantly train their technicians on the most up to date techniques and procedures to provide you with the fastest, most reliable service possible.

For new garage door installations in the Chicago area. We have always used CHI door for quality and because they are Illinois made. Schedule a visit and repair or replace your garage door.


Garage door systems are very complex, and need to be handled by a trained professional in order to safely and effectively repair, replace or install any part you need. Your Garage door in Chicago is extremely heavy, and rely on the cables, springs, tracks and (if an automatic) the garage door opener to counterbalance the weight of the door.

These parts are constantly under pressure and can cause serious injury or damage to your home if improperly removed or installed. Chicago repair technicians are available to help you with any issue you’re having.

Keep children and pets away from the door to avoid crushing. Garage doors are engineered to be safe but its still a heavy moving wall. Keep you and your family safe by scheduling a yearly safety inspection.

Know About Garage Door Repairs

Every year over 30,000 people are hospitalized due to broken springs, snapped cables, or bent wheels. Without the proper training and tools, an accident in the garage while trying to repair or replace a part is likely to happen. We want to help you avoid causing damage to your home or injury to yourself.

Expert garage door Chicago technicians are available to repair or replace any part you may need. For further info about your garage door here.

How much does a Garage Door Repair Cost in Chicago

Garage Door Repair Cost Chicago victor garage door chicago

The garage door repair cost in Chicago varies depending on the type of repair you need. Most repairs cost between $60 and $100. To this you also have to add the Service call. The service call is to have a garage door company send an expert to your door.

Also you need to take into account any parts that need to be replaced such springs, hinges, cables, pulls, etc. For more about garage door spring repair Cost in Chicago check this out.

What is the best garage door company in Chicago

Call the best garage door company to take care of all your needs. If you have a broken spring, a slipped cable, a faulty opener, call the top experts in town. Victor Garage Doors in one of your best choices when you need it. We provide all types of garage door repair such as: Roller Repair, Cable repair, Track Repair. They serve the entire city of Chicago and the close by suburbs.

Garage Door Repair Service Area:

Get garage door service in Illinois: Chicago, Evanston, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Park Ride, Oak Park, Franklin Park, Des Plains, Glenview, Highland Park, Chicago North Side, Chicago Southside, etc

Chicago Company
Insulated Garage Door
Torsion Spring Victor Company

Garage Door Repair Chicago Southside

For your garage door repair in Chicago Southside call a local company. Chicago southside doesn’t have many options. Victor Garage Door provides repairs in the Southside for the same cost as the Northside. You don’t have to pay extra for the traveling fee.

Victor Garage Door repair in Chicago Southside serves all the homeowners looking for fast service. If you leave in Brownsville, Hyde Park, Englewood, South Shore, North Lawndale, etc,

?? Call 773 869 2299

Chicago Southside and North Side

South Side neighborhoods such as Armour SquareBack of the YardsBridgeport, and Pullman host more blue collar and middle-class residents, while Hyde Park, the Jackson Park Highlands DistrictKenwoodBeverlyMount Greenwood, and west Morgan Park feature affluent and  upper-middle classresidents.[11]

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Garage Door Repair Chicago

Garage door repair Chicago Illinois

If something has malfunctioned with your garage door, it is important that you schedule an appointment with a trusted repair service as soon as possible to repair the part or component affected. At Victor Garage Door Repair Service in Chicago, we can connect you with a team of experienced companies to repair your garage door both quickly and efficiently. Each one of these companies is trained to a high standard with an in-depth knowledge of garage doors and their parts and components. 

What are the most common garage door repairs: 

Garage doors are a moving wall. There are 100s of pieces involved to do they work so they can function properly. Here we will show you the most common repairs you should be looking for when your garage door malfunctions:

1. Garage Door Spring Repair Chicago

broken garage door spring in Chicago is one of the most common garage door repairs. Over time, the springs on your garage door will begin to suffer wear and tear from repeated use. After a period of time (generally around 10,000 cycles for extension springs and 15,000 cycles for torsion springs), the garage door springs will break, rendering your garage door inoperable and requiring immediate repair.

Because garage doors are difficult to operate when springs are broken, garage door companies offer same day service for broken spring repairs. It is extremely dangerous to try and replace your own garage door springs. Always leave broken spring repair to a garage door professional, as the tension on the springs can cause serious injury or death in the event of an accident. No need to worry about saving on labor when you could get severely hurt.

garage door spring repair Chicago by Victor Garage Door

2. Broken Cable Repair

Cables are an important part of your garage door system. Garage door cables, using the tension provided by the springs, are designed to pull the full weight of the garage door up while in operation. Over time, these garage door cables will weaken and eventually break.

If your garage door is getting stuck half way, or it’s not hanging straight on the tracks, it may be a sign that your garage door cables need to be replaced. As with broken spring repair, broken garage door cable repair can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries. It is always recommended to contact a garage door professional for all broken cable repairs.

garage door cable repair in Chicago by victor garage door

3. Garage Door Panel Replacement in Chicago

If you’ve ever accidentally hit your garage door with your car or your children have used it as target practice for the upcoming hockey season, you may have noticed that even minor accidents can cause unsightly damage to your garage doors, and in most cases take them out of service altogether. Luckily, you don’t always have to purchase a new garage door when your old one is damaged. With the make and model of your existing door, a licensed garage door dealer can secure replacement parts such as panels and hardware, saving you money and keeping your door in pristine condition. To find a replacement section for your garage door, contact a licensed garage door dealer.

4. Bent or Broken Track Repair

When garage door tracks bend or break, your garage door will stop opening and closing correctly. Some garage door track repairs are minor and only require adjustments to existing tracks; other repairs require replacing the track with a new garage door track. When a garage door professional inspects the damage on your broken garage door track, he’ll come to a conclusion as to whether the track can be repaired or needs to be replaced. It’s just one more reason you can trust our company to treat you right with every job.

5. Safety Sensor Alignment

Your garage door’s safety sensors automatically stop your garage door opener from operating when people or objects are in their line of view. Sometimes, these sensors get misaligned and the door gets stuck while nothing is in its way. In order to get your system functioning again, you’ll need to have a professional align garage door sensors properly. 

Now what to do about you garage door repair based on type

Garage Door Spring Repair Chicago

Need a garage door spring repair in Chicago, Illinois? Is your door slamming shut? In case you’re experiencing troubles with your garage door spring, call you local garage door company for a successful and safe spring repair. They are the best garage door repair services providers and can assist with all your garage door spring needs. They can fix all kinds of broken springs. Professional companies are specialists of broken spring repair and we offer sales, installations, and repairs for all types of garage door springs. 

How to know you need a garage door spring repair in Chicago

Garage Door Spring Repair in Chicago by Victor garage door

Not sure why your garage door is not opening when you click? Here are the most common signs the problem may be your garage door spring:

  • garage door won’t open
  • a visible brake on your spring
  • garage door only opens a few inches
  • Overstretched springs

Garage Door Won’t Open

Your garage door springs are responsible for the lifting of your door. They hold well over 90% of the whole weight of your garage door. With only one spring the support is basically cut in half. The opener is not strong enough to lift the door on its own. It is possible that one or even both springs are broken.

Visible broken spring 

When your garage door spring is broken, you should be able to see the break. Look above your door and there will be a gap (about 2″) along the spring as in the picture above.

Garage Door Only Opens a Few Inches

One broken garage door spring will prevent your door from opening completely. You can see the door coming up a few inches and the it stops or drops back down. 

Overstretched Springs

Overstretched springs usually is a problem with old extension springs. This happens slowly overtime. This is due to age of your spring, weight of your door, number of time you operate your system, and the quality of your spring. 

A good way to know your springs are stretched is to open your garage door and when it’s in the open position you will see a change in the pattern along your spring. You will see a overstretched space which you will know when you see it. But you will only see it if the door is open.

Why you need to call a garage door spring repair expert in Chicago

A garage door spring is the most dangerous repair on your system. I am sure you have heard not to play with garage door springs since they hold a heavy load and are extremely dangerous. 

Also, the cost to get a spring repaired from an expert will save you headaches, will be much safer, and will rest assure your garage door has been repaired professionally.

Garage Door Spring Repair Safety

When it comes to garage door repair safety, we, at Victor know what to do in order to prevent injuries or damage to your door, to you, and your belongings inside your garage-including your car. 

Spring repairs on your garage door involves setting your springs tension. This makes it difficult for anyone who is not familiar how the entire spring-cable-door works. Springs are full of tension, door is heavy, and you may not have the ideal tools or skills to consider the repairing safe nor effective.

DIY Garage Door Repair Risks: 

Here is the list of the the MAIN risks to DIY your garage door repair: 

  • Spring can snap on your face (harsh ah?)
  • Door can free fall and crush whatever is underneath
  • Hands or fingers sliced by cables, tracks, or between door sections.
  • Blunt to your face or head by the winding bars.
  • Fall from ladder
  • Lower back injury
  • Wrong spring size
  • Not getting it Right. 
  • Wrong number of turns

Peace of Mind your Garage Door Repair is Done Right

The best way to give you peace of mind is to guarantee our work. We are so sure about our garage door spring repair service that we will take charge of our work and parts for two years.


You get a 2 warranty on all our garage door spring repairs. If for whatever reason the spring break or fail within those two years, we will take care of it at no cost to you. Given that our spring or our work was the problem of the fail.

Save you Headaches by hiring a garage door repair in Chicago Expert

When you call us for your garage door spring repair, we will come and solve the issues at the time of visit. We have springs and all materials needed to solve the major types of garage door repairs for residential doors. Garage door spring repairs is one that, we can do on the spot to save you time and visit.

Garage door peace of mind is our goal. Therefore, you can go to sleep at night knowing the garage door issues has been solved by a professional. When you call us for your garage door spring repair in Chicago, the problem is off your hands and becomes ours now.

How much does a garage door spring repair cost in Chicago

spring cost

Now lets talk about spring garage door repair cost in Chicago. Reputable garage door companies usually charge for the total as a complete service which includes, spring, service call, repair/labor, inspection, entire garage door maintenance and a warranty.

Here is a list of the most common spring repair prices based on the size and type of garage door spring according to number of springs, garage door weight and size:

Spring Repair Cost Table

Door sizeSpring typeService Cost
1 car 7′ highTorsion$160-$190 (1 spring)
1 car 8′ highTorsion$180-$240 (1 spring)
VictorGarage Door
1 car 7′ highExtension$180-$240 (2springs)
1 car 8′ highExtension$200-$260 (2springs)
2 car 7′ highTorsion$160-$180 (1 spring) $260-$340 for 2
2 car 8′ highTorsion$180-$200 (1 spring) $280-$340 for 2
2 car 7′ highExtension$220-$280 for 2 springs

Who to call for your spring repair in Chicago

Not sure who to call when you need your garage door spring repaired? This one is easy. Find the best garage door companies in Chicago or  in your metro area. You get the experience, safety, same day repair, top quality garage door springs warrantied and affordable service. 

A handy man may not be the best option since they are not specialized. This means they don’t have the springs they need so they have to go get the correct type or size part. They also may be more expensive since it may take them longer to do the spring repair and charge more for labor and part acquisition. 

Why Garage Door Spring Break or Fail

The main cause for getting a broken garage door spring is the use. These springs are designed to last an X number of life cycles. For most garage door springs standard life cycles are about 10,000. We see the majority of springs last about 10-12 years. 

There are springs you can get for your system with higher life cycle count. We are talking about double the life which means 20-25 years.

Weaken Spring Winding

Over time your garage door springs will lose strength. This will depend mainly on the quality of your springs. It is recommended to have a garage door expert to inspect your system and add winds to your springs if your door is unbalanced and feels too heavy when used manually. 

Rusted Springs 

Another factor to take into account when your garage door springs fail is to look for signs of rust. It is easy to tell if they are rusted. Normally, a spring is black in color. 

Rusted springs become brown and dusty looking. As the door gets worked, eventually the rust will help spring to break sooner than they were design to. 

Get a garage door spring expert to replace them when the spring shows rust and is ten years or older to prevent your car from getting stuck inside your garage.

We work with all major brands of garage door and openers including CHI fro garage doors and LiftmasterChamberlain, Genie, Craftsman and more. 

How to Prevent a Garage Door Spring Repair

As a homeowner, there are thing you can do today to avoid needing a garage door spring repair. We will give you a few tips to avoid this type of garage door problem:

  • Inspect your garage door springs 2 times a year
  • Have an expert for a yearly inspection
  • Apply a spray lube on your springs
  • Get the springs replaced if they look rusted
  • Add winds on your springs that are weaken 


The springs on your garage door perform an essential operation on a daily basis. These high-strength products are made to perform well under pressure, often lifting and lowering your garage door smoothly and safely. With so much tension and movement, the risks of injury are higher than average when a spring breaks or fails.

If you live in Chicago and are dealing with spring problems, it is essential to seek out professional help to prevent any dangerous outcomes. Victor Garage Door Repair Chicago is here to provide professional garage door spring repairs.

Due to the high risks involved with faulty systems, our team specializes in garage door spring repairs. A broken or dysfunctional spring can stop your overhead door system from running correctly, and it can even fail to protect you and your family in case of a spring failure.

Garage Door Opener Repair in Chicago

Before you jump into the process of replacement you should check with an expert to weight your options. In many cases a simple adjustment can get your garaged door opener up and running again.  You could check to be  ascertain that the opener is the problem otherwise you risk conducting a costly yet unnecessary process.

The opener is a vital component for your garage door. However, it working is subject to its condition and once in awhile a repair may be needed.
In cases where a home owner doesn’t want to deal with repairing an old opener, they enjoy a new updated Chicago garage door Liftmaster.

garage door repair opener repair chicago liftmaster, genie, chamberlain

How ofter should I repair my garage door opener in Chicago?

garage door opener repair is needed every 10 to 12 years or so. That is good news for you. They are not as frequent as a car repair even though, you use your garage door on a daily basis.

If you are thinking about buying a new one, or your opener is too old,  check the link below,

Commun Garage Door Opener Repairs

One of the most communist problems include sensor issues, gear and sprocket and lose chain.

Here is a list of the most common issues:

  • Safety sensor eyes
  • Broken or lose chain
  • Faulty remotes
  • Loud noises
  • Gear and sprockets
  • Circuit board

How much does a garage door opener repair cost in Chicago

The cost to get your garage door opener repaired can vary based on the type of repair needed and materials or parts used. A simple repair where no parts need replacing cost only $65.00. There may be a $29.00 service call to cover traveling expenses. 

Other repairs that involve crucial parts may go up to $200.00 for complete service including, service call, parts and labor.

Trust your garage door opener repair in Chicago to the expert

A garage door opener is an important feature of any garage door. While it is not responsible for the actual lifting of your heavy garage door because that is the purpose of the springs, the opener serves as its control mechanism for opening and closing and thus, provides additional security to your home and garage. The purpose of the garage door opener is the convenience to come come home and simply click on your remote and watch your garage door open or close automaticaly.

A garage door opener is technically a motorized, complex mechanism that can be connected to a switch on the garage wall or operated with a remote control.

Opener Types

There are three types of garage door openers: the chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. The names refer to the different types of pulleys contained in the motor of the garage door opener that moves a trolley back and forth on a track, enabling the opening and closing of your garage door. A power unit is attached to the track.

There are other components of a garage door opener. There is a quick release mechanism that is used during emergencies or power failures and signal sensors connected to access devices and receivers. 

Safety sensors

What is a garage door opener repair Safety Sensors? This is when you notice your garage door won’t close all the way and your opener blinks 10 times. 

Normally a simple adjustment of your sensors position can solve your problem. The fastest way to know if your sensors are positioned correctly is to see if you have a green light on one of your sensors. 

There are 2 sensors, one on each side of the door. One of the sensors has an amber light and the other green. The sensors with the amber light is always on. On the other hand, green light on the second sensors only turns on when they are both aligned. 

You can simple wiggle your green light sensor to position where the light stays on.

Garage Door Opener Repair Gear and Sprocket

For your garage door opener repair in Chicago, Illinois when your gear and sprocket fails o breaks call the experts to get it done the same day.

When you hear a hum or your operator working but the chain won’t move the door, your gear and sprocket may need a repair.

Garage Door Opener Repair Chain

When your chain breaks on your garage door opener and don’t know who to call, trust the experts from Victor Garage Door. We carry all major brands of garage door openers in Chicago and have a solution for you. Since we carry the necessary parts we can get your chain repair done the same day.

Garage Door Opener Manual Release

This manual release mechanism is helpful in case the power goes out and your car is in your garage. All you have to do is pull the red cord hanging from the opener rail and the door will disconnect from your opener. This will allow your to open your door manually until power comes back.

At the same time, it includes a complicated assembly connected to a power unit.

Overall, repairing a faulty garage door opener is not a job for an amateur or faint-of-heart. Its very complex mechanism requires expert servicing. That is why, you could reach out to your local Chicago Garage Door Service to repair your faulty opener in no time.

How long does a Garage Door Opener Repair Take?

Most opener repair take less than one hour. Your whole repair service time will take very little time from your schedule. We understand your time is important and have many things to do. The time you are involved in the process is minimal. Once we spot your opener issue, we take it off your hands completely.

Garage Door Cable Repair Chicago

Garage Door Cable Repair in Chicago Illinois by Victor Garage Door

When do I Need a Garage Door Cable Repair

Not sure why your garage door is acting difficult? When your garage door cables break or fail your door will become inoperable. Once your cable fail, the door should be left alone until the cable problem has been resolved. If you try to operate your garage door with a damaged cable, you can create a much bigger problem or get hurt. 

Here are the most common signs the problem may be your garage door cables:

Garage Door is Uneven

The most common signs you need a garage door cable repair is when you notice your garage door is unevenly coming down. One side of your door will want to pull up, while the other side comes down as usual. One cable has failed so is not holding the weight on one side. 

You get a 2 warranty on all cable replacements. If for whatever reason the cables break or fail within those two years, we will take care of it at no cost to you. Given that our cables or our work was the problem of the fail. 

Peace of Mind your Garage Door Repair is Done Right

When you call the pros for your garage door cable repair in Chicago, Illinois, they will come and solve the issues at the time of visit. They have all materials needed to solve the major types of garage door repairs for residential doors. Garage door cable repairs in Chicago is one that, they can do on the spot to save you time and visit.

Garage door repair peace of mind is their goal. You can go to sleep at night knowing the garage door issues has been solved by a professional. When you call us for your garage door cable repair, the problem is off your hands.

Garage Door Cable Repair Warranty Included

You get a 2 warranty on all cable replacements. If for whatever reason the cables break or fail within those two years, we will take care of it at no cost to you. Given that our cables or our work was the problem of the fail. 

How much does a garage door cable repair cost in Chicago

Now lets talk about cable garage door repair cost in Chicago, Illinois. Reputable garage door companies usually charge for the total as a complete service with includes, cables (pair), service call, repair/labor, inspection, entire garage door maintenance and a warranty.

Here is a list of the most common prices based on the size and type of garage door cables (pair) according to type springs:

Door sizeSpring typeService Cost
1 car 7′ highTorsion$140-$160
1 car 8′ highTorsion$160-$180
VictorGarage Door
1 car 7′ highExtension$130-$150
1 car 8′ highExtension$150-$170
2 car 7′ highTorsion$160-$180
2 car 8′ highTorsion$180-$200
2 car 7′ highExtension$170-$190

Why Garage Door Cables Break or Fail

Garage door cables are calibrated to maintain enough tension after each operation. There are many cases where this setting can lose tension or you can experience your cables actually break or snap.

Obstructions on one Side of your Garage Door

As your garage door opens and closes, there may be something either on the tracks, garage wall, or on the floor on one side of your garage door. 

This will interrupt the evenly and balanced operation giving one of the cables enough slack to jump over the drum loosing spring tension completely on said side. 

Weak Spring Winding

 Your Chicago garage door spring wind and unwind as your door raises and lowers. Cables and spring should be calibrated to match the size and weigh of your door. If the springs don’t have enough winds, when the opener pulls the door up there may be slack and not tension on the cable. 

You can check this when your door is completely open and you notice the cable looping over the drum instead of being taut. If this is the case, when the Liftmaster garage door opener pushes the door down to close, your cable will jump of the grooves on the drum.

Complete Cable Unwinding

In some cases, garage door cables have been known to completely unwind from the drum. This may happen if one of the cables snap such as the case when they rust at the bottom of your door and break from all the pull from the springs and the weigh of the door like an old rope that is holding or pulling something heavy.

Damaged Cable Pulley

 Damaged pulleys can cause road bumps in your cable’s moving operations. When the pulleys do not operate smoothly, the door will often become stuck or rest unevenly. If its possible check your door pulleys and look if they are tilted or severe damage in the very middle of such pulley.

If the door makes a grinding sound when operated, there is a good chance your pulleys lost the little ball bearings inside. 

Broken Cable

Garage door cables can break due to a number of factors, with age being a top contributor to failure. Rust and fraying can also work or weaken your cables, causing an unexpected break.

Rust Not a Kind Friend

If your garage door shows signs of rust at the bottom on the door, there is a high change the cables are also rusted. Over time the cables lose part of the threads after being exposed to rust. 

How to prevent garage door cable Repairs in Chicago, Illinois 

As a homeowner, there are thing you can do today to avoid needing a garage door cable repair. We will give you a few tips to avoid this type of garage door problem:

  • Inspect your garage door cables 2 a year
  • Have an expert for a yearly inspection
  • Fix the water slipping into the bottom of your door
  • Replace the bottom brackets where the cable hook if they are rusted
  • Replace pulleys 
  • If already rusted and you don’t have the means to call an expert, at least spray water repellent solutions on the rusted bottom corners.

Garage Door Cable Rust Repair Chicago

If you notice there is a good amount on your garage door system, we strongly recommend replacing all the parts that have been affected by the rusting. In this picture you can see all the parts that can let you know there is a problem. 

Bottom of vertical tracks, rollers, cables and bottom brackets. If your garage door is old but the sections are in good shape, replacing all small parts can get your several more years of life. 

The cables in your garage door perform an essential operation on a daily basis. These high-strength products are made to perform well under pressure, often lifting and lowering your garage door smoothly and safely. With so much tension and movement, the risks of injury are higher than average when a cable fails.

If you live in Chicago and are dealing with cable problems, it is essential to seek out professional help to prevent any dangerous outcomes. Victor Garage Door Repair Chicago is here to provide professional garage door repairs.

Due to the high risks involved with faulty systems, our team specializes in garage door cable repairs. A broken or dysfunctional cable can stop your overhead door system from running correctly, and it can even fail to protect you and your family in case of a spring failure.

Garage Door Roller Repair in Chicago

tracks and rollers victor

What Do the Rollers Do for my Door

Your garage door roller in Chicago Illinois assist your door in the opening and closing on your door. The rollers make the pulling smooth by traveling inside the tracks. As your door lifts, the rollers spin with it and keep the garage door in place with out damaging any of its components. 

They also keep the door in place and prevents it from coming out track and stay on intended route every time you click your opener.

Why do rollers Break or Fail

The most common reason your garage door rollers fail is the ware and tear. This will happen after several years of operation. As your Chicago garage door opens and closes your rollers roll around with it. 

Eventually, you will experience noisy rollers for a long time before they start breaking apart.

The ball bearings inside the the “wheel” make it easy to roll inside the track. Once the rollers start breaking, they will start coming out from the casing.

Regular garage door rollers last for several years before you can start seeing signs of damaged an needing for replacement.

The noise they make as your door travel, it’s a great way to monitor if your rollers are in good shape

What is the Cost of a Garage Door Roller Repair in Chicago, Illinois

The cost of your garage door roller repair in Chicago by an expert you may be looking at around $120- $180 for the service as a whole. This includes replacing every single roller on your door, service call, labor and warranty. 

Garage Door Repair Companies also offer complementary safety inspection, lubrication, and general maintenance on your garage door and opener system. 

The cost will depend on the size of your garage door, the number of rollers your door needs, and the quality of the rollers used.

The best and convenient way you could approach this project is to get them replaced whenever you experience other types of garage door problems. You may be able to get a lower cost for the whole set if your are having other garage door work being done.

Here are some of the most popular cost rates for a garage door roller repair based on door size:

Garage Door SizeGarage Door Repair cost 
(roller replacement)
7 ft Tall$80-$140
8 ft Tall$120-$160
9 ft Tall$140-$180
Commercial SizeVaries greatly

Is it Dangerous to Replace Rollers DIY

Although, the risk of getting hurt while replacing your won garage door rollers does exist. Rollers are designed to stay inside the tracks. This make it harder for a person who doesn’t have experience working on this type of repairs.

Remember that your door is a massive piece of metal that moves up to the point is over your head. This means there is a lot of force applied to be able to do it fairly easy looking. 

Very time you work on your black garage doors, there is a high risk of getting hurt.

Common risk in replacing your rollers DIY include:

  • Getting your fingers or hands trapped inside the track or between sections.
  • 150lb of force hitting you on the face with the bottom brackets of your door.
  • A fall from a ladder
  • Door crushing your foot or whole body
  • Accidentally causing more damage to other door components
  • Not getting the work right

We strongly recommend calling a professional to do this type of repair in a safe and effective manner. We always do our best to protect you, our technician, and your property.

Trust the garage door repair experts in Chicago

Garage door rollers come in different shapes and sizes. Even if these rollers are quite small, pinpointing the right ones can be real tricky. In choosing the appropriate roller for your needs, you have a lot of things to consider such as the material of the garage door roller because it will influence its lifespan, its resistance to different types of environments, how quiet it can be and the actual weight of the door that it will be lifting. 


Compound this with knowing the appropriate roller diameter and stem length. Then you will have to understand the life cycle of your chosen roller because that will spell the difference between choosing a Chicago garage door roller repair or replace. Just keep in mind that is easy to get it wrong. The risk in that is that, it will cost you time, money, and effort. 

That is why, it is important to trust only the garage door repair in Chicago professionals in determining what you need for your garage door roller repair in Chicago, Illinois. They will assist you in selecting the right type of rollers and will fix all your issues so that you will never have a problem with opening and closing your garage
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