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Garage Door Installation Chicago

Garage Door Installation Chicago

Garage Door Installation

When you need service for Garage door installation in Chicago, Call the experts who make it as easy as it can be. A Garage Door Replacement isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are many parts and you’ll need to carefully follow the directions for your garage door installation. The larger the garage door, the more difficult the task. You can purchase special DIY kits available that can achieve expert results.

Some garage doors will be more of a challenge to work with. They can even be dangerous to work with as well. If you don’t feel confident perhaps it’s best to call on Garage Doors Chicago to get the job done. If you choose a light-weight garage door to install with a DIY easy spring mechanism, you’ll probably be able to install your garage door in one day. The best garage door brand in Chicago is without a doubt CHI garage doors.

What is involved in a garage door installation

Garage Door Installation in Chicago

The parts and pieces of a garage door can be a bit overwhelming. You’ll notice large pieces of metal track, rollers, hinges, cables and springs, door panels, struts, and tons of screws and bolts. The very sight of all these parts can scare any seasoned handy man! Keep in mind that your garage door is the single largest item in your home. If you’re installing the garage door yourself, expect to feel anxious. After all, this is a huge project you’re undertaking.

When you want to install a larger garage door, manufacturers have made it easier by providing DIY friendly garage door installation kits. The kit does not include a Liftmaster garage door opener. Be sure to read over the instructions carefully as there are many parts that will need assembling.

Before you begin the big job, it may be a smart idea to read over the instructions in the manual at least twice so you’re comfortable before starting. Familiarize yourself with the terminology, hardware, and all the parts before removing your existing door.

Taking down old garage door

Broken Spring replacement

Removing your existing garage door can be a dangerous job. It is highly recommended that you call Garage Doors Chicago Il to help you with this job. You can be seriously injured by the torsion springs, so it would be in your best interest to leave this to the professionals. If your garage door isn’t completely closed the tension of these springs alone is like a loaded weapon! DO NOT attempt taking apart the spring yourself or cutting any cables!

To take down a garage door you will need to first unwind the springs. Once the tension from the spring is gone, you can start by unscrewing the top section.

Remove the hinges in the center first. Then leave the ones on the ends to last. Repeat the process to the next section below.

Unscrew the vertical tracks from the frame of the garage. The next step is to remove the horizontal garage door tracks.

To finish the remodel of your old door, finish by taking down the spring system. Leave the springs mounted on the shaft and unscrew the center mount. Have another person help you bring down the shaft and the springs at once.

Framing before your garage door installation Chicago

Big Garage Doors replacement in Chicago

For optimal garage door installation in Chicago, you want to take the door down first. Now that the existing garage door has been removed, you’ll need to inspect the wood framing that surrounds the garage door opening. Look for any signs of wood rot. If you see any wood rot, you’ll want to replace the wood. Your garage door track needs to be bolted to solid wood. If you have any questions you can always call Chicago Garage Door Replacement experts

The door must be level so it can run smoothly! The bottom of the doors tracks must also be level as well as parallel. The key word here is LEVEL!  If you are installing a wooden door, you’ll need to scribe the door and sand the bottom of the door so it fits with the shape of the garage floor. It is very critical that this first section is installed properly. All of the other sections of the door are stacked on top of this section.

Geather all your installation hardware

Another important factor: Use only approved hardware supplied by the garage door manufacturer. If you have any questions you can speak with any of our trained experts.

The bottom brackets must be securely attached to the door, so pay close attention to the bottom of the brackets while fastening them. Be careful not to strip the bolts as you’re tightening them. These brackets are attached to the cables that lift the door. If not installed correctly they can shoot out of the door like missiles.

Single and double car Sizes

Garage Door service Chicago

It is much easier to install single car doors. The wider the garage door the heavier the door. A garage door can weigh as much as 400 pounds. This is a serious job and should be taken just that way-seriously!It is very important that the overhead track is perfectly aligned and supported securely. You don’t want your door slipping off its tracks and falling. A garage door is quite heavy and can cause serious injury or damage.

A single car garage door is normally 9′ wide by 7′ high

Double car garages standard size is 16′ wide and 7′ high

Garage door installation isn’t for everyone. If you don’t feel comfortable or you find yourself getting too frustrated with the job give us a call at Garage Doors Chicago Southside. Allow our trained professionals to get the job done.

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